The Finnish Society for Game Research: Inclusion and Safety Policy

The Finnish Society for Game Research wishes to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone working, studying, or otherwise participating in game research in Finland. For this purpose, we are implementing these guidelines that should be followed in all activities and events affiliated with the Society.

1. Language: All the Society’s main events and communications should be accessible to participants who do not understand Finnish. While there is occasionally a need for language-specific activities (e.g. publishing activities of Pelitutkimuksen vuosikirja), most activities should be organised in the most widely accessible language available.

2. Event accessibility: In all events associated with the Society, organisers should aim to make the event accessible to as many participants as possible. Please consider, for example, if the event venue can be entered in a wheelchair, if there’s an induction loop available, if the toilets are gender-neutral, and if various dietary requirements can be catered to. It is recommended to share information regarding the event’s accessibility beforehand while promoting the event and to assign a contact person for participants’ accessibility needs. Events should be free of charge whenever possible.

3. Safer space policy: All events affiliated with the Society should follow our safer space principles. These principles should also be clearly communicated to all participants every time.

  • Be respectful and mindful of others. Remember that we come from diverse backgrounds and have different lived experiences. Avoid discriminating language and assumptions based on individual aspects such as name or appearance. Respect each other’s preferred name and pronouns. 
  • Be collegial and mindful of your speech and your behaviour. This includes being generous and patient in questions and discussions, listening to others and being careful not to dominate discussions, and being aware of your own privilege(s) and humbly accepting respectful corrections (or humbly correcting yourself).
  • If you encounter any inappropriate behaviour in our events or activities, please intervene and report it immediately to the event organiser(s) as well as to the society’s leadership.

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